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Premios de Euromillones

En las normas oficiales de Euromillones publicadas por Loterías y Apuestas del Estado en diciembre de 2019 cabe destacar algunos aspectos.

  • El precio total de 2,50 euros para jugar una apuesta de Euromillones se divide en dos partes. 2,20 euros se destinan a Euromillones y 0,30 euros se destinan al juego asociado de El Millón.
  • Respecto al fondo de Reserva la norma 7ª del juego dice: 7ª Fondo de Reserva Del fondo para premios de cada sorteo se detraerá el porcentaje que se establece en la tabla de la norma 8.2, que generará un Fondo de Reserva’ que será destinado total o parcialmente para incrementar el importe destinado a cualquier categoría de premios en aquellos sorteos que los operadores de lotería participantes acuerden, así como para financiar los premios de cualquier promoción también acordada por los operadores de lotería.
  • la norma 8.2 dice: 2. La tabla siguiente resume el mecanismo de asignación de los importes de la primera categoría y del fondo de reserva con sus valores correspondientes:

Sorteo de Euromillones

¿Has pensado en comprar Euromillones hoy? En Eduardolosilla.es encontrarás toda la información, boletos, premios, históricos y resultados sobre Euromillones.Euromillones es una lotería que se juega en diferentes países europeos. El primer sorteo de Euromillones se realizó en París en febrero de 2004 con participaciones desde España, Francia y Reino unido. En octubre del mismo año se unieron Portugal, Austria, Bélgica, Irlanda, Suiza y Luxemburgo. En otros países se denomina Euromillions.El sorteo de Euromillones se realiza con dos bombos, el de los números de Euromillones y el de las estrellas. En el primero se extraen cinco bolas de 50, en el segundo se extraen dos bolas de 12. En total existen 139.838.160 posibles combinaciones, que son el resultado de multiplicar las combinaciones de extraer cinco números entre cincuenta (2.118.760) por dos estrellas entre doce (66).Obtienen premio de Euromillones los acertantes de cualquiera de las siguientes trece categorías:

  1. 5 números y 2 estrella
  2. 5 números y 1 estrella
  3. 5 números
  4. 4 números y 2 estrellas
  5. 4 números y 1 estrella
  6. 3 números y 2 estrellas
  7. 4 números
  8. 2 números y 2 estrellas
  9. 3 números y 1 estrella
  10. 3 números
  11. 1 número y 2 estrellas
  12. 2 números y 1 estrella
  13. 2 números
  1. (5+2) una entre 139.838.160
  2. (5+1) una entre 6.991.908
  3. (5+0) una entre 3.107.515
  4. (4+2) una entre 621.503
  5. (4+1) una entre 31.075
  6. (3+2) una entre 14.125
  7. (4+0) una entre 13.811
  8. (2+2) una entre 985
  9. (3+1) una entre 706
  10. (3+0) una entre 314
  11. (1+2) una entre 188
  12. (2+1) una entre 49
  13. (2+0) una entre 22

boleto de Euromillones

This website is run, and the information contained on it is provided, by SERVICES AUX LOTERIES EN EUROPE scrl (“SLE”), Herrmann-Debrouxlaan 44-46, 1160 Oudergem, registered in the crossroads bank for enterprises under the number 0861.177.183, VAT number BE 0861.177.183, info@sle-eur.com.

SLE is a company that provides services to its shareholder lottery operators (and/or lottery operators associated to such shareholders), which offer their EuroMillions game in the territories for which they are authorised to do so:

  • CAMELOT UK LOTTERIES LIMITED, a company incorporated in England and Wales (registered no. 02822203), the registered office of which is at Tolpits Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 9RN, England ;
  • LA FRANCAISE DES JEUX S.A., a company incorporated in France, the registered office of which is at 3-7 quai du Point du Jour, 92650 Boulogne Billancourt, Cedex Paris, France
  • SOCIEDAD ESTATAL LOTERÍAS Y APUESTAS DEL ESTADO S.M.E. S.A., a company incorporated in Spain under tax number A-86171964 and having its registered office at Calle Poeta Joan Maragall, 53, 28020 Madrid, Spain ;
  • PREMIER LOTTERIES IRELAND DAC a company incorporated under the laws of Ireland having its registered office at The National Lottery, Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1, Ireland;
  • NATIONALE LOTERIJ N.V. van publiek recht/LOTERIE NATIONALE S.A. de droit public, Belliardstraat 25-33, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, Legal Persons Register Brussels, VAT BE 0223.967.357;
  • SANTA CASA DA MISERICÓRDIA DE LISBOA through its DEPARTAMENTO DE JOGOS, Av. da Liberdade, 194, 1269-275 Lisboa, Portugal;
  • OESTERREICHISCHE LOTTERIEN GmbH, Rennweg 44, 1038 Wien, Austria;
  • SOCIETE DE LA LOTERIE DE LA SUISSE ROMANDE, Avenue de Provence 14, 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland;
  • OEUVRE NATIONALE DE SECOURS GRANDE-DUCHESSE CHARLOTTE, 18, rue Léon Laval, L-3372 Leudelange, Luxembourg;

The abovementioned lottery operators are subject to supervision by their respective regulatory authorities. For more information, please refer to the lottery operator in question.

Specific codes of conduct may apply to some or all of the abovementioned lottery operators. For more information, please refer to the lottery operator in question.

The EuroMillions website does not provide any offer or invitation to engage in any EuroMillions game. The website contains information regarding the EuroMillions game but in no way, shape or form aims to encourage or advertises participation in the EuroMillions game. If you play EuroMillions, please play responsibly. If you require further information on responsible gaming, please refer to the information provided by your lottery operator.

SLE uses best endeavours to make sure that this website runs properly, is up-to-date and accurate and contains no viruses, or any illegal, harmful or inappropriate content. We do not assume any liability if, for any reason, there would nevertheless be inaccurate, incomplete, harmful, or inappropriate content on our website. Any links provided on the EuroMillions website leading to other websites are not under the control of SLE. Therefore, SLE is not responsible nor liable for any inaccurate information, viruses, problematic or harmful content, malware, and illegal or immoral content on these websites or any website that you may have accessed through the EuroMillions website.

SLE holds all copyrights on the contents of this website except for those elements that belong to third-party rights holders.

As a visitor to this website, you are taken to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by this Legal Notice.

Luxembourg EuroMillions

As one of the EuroMillions participating countries, Luxembourg has its share of euro lottery exciting as well. The draw is broadcast on RTL Lux. The first EuroMillions jackpot winner appeared on September 27, 2013, scooping a € 65,793,284 win. The second one pocketed €31,666,941 on January 9, 2015. These were the only three EuroMillions jackpots won to date with tickets purchased in Luxembourg.

Top EuroMillions Jackpots Won in Luxembourg

Jackpot Amount Winning Numbers Draw Date


11, 15, 38, 41, 43

Lucky Stars 2 & 6

September 27, 2013


6, 21, 24, 32, 45

Lucky Stars 1 & 11

January 9, 2015


3, 4, 6, 9, 24

Lucky Stars 5 & 8

January 9, 2015

UK EuroMillions & Millionaire Maker

The United Kingdom is another one of the EuroMillions pillars, and also the country hosting the best known EuroMillions jackpot winners. Names like the Bayfords, Neil Trotter, Jane Park, and Matt Myles often make the newspapers’ headlines.

Top EuroMillions Jackpots Won in the UK

Jackpot Amount Winning Numbers Date


11, 17, 21, 48, 50

Lucky Stars 9 & 10

August 8, 2010


17, 19, 38, 42, 45

Lucky Stars 9 & 10

July 12, 2011


25, 27, 39, 42, 46

Lucky Stars 11 & 12

June 11, 2019

(£ 121,272,000)

20, 23, 28, 30, 44

Lucky Stars 3 & 7

April 24, 2018


9, 30, 35, 39, 46

Lucky Stars 6 & 8

October 10, 2010


6, 24, 25, 27, 30

Lucky Stars 5 & 9

March 14, 2014


18, 26, 34, 38, 42

Lucky Stars 5 & 8

October 10, 2011

Fun Facts about EuroMillions Winners from the UK

  • UK is on the same first position when it comes to how many EuroMillions jackpots the Brits scooped (104 in February 2020), but it is home to some of the biggest winners, including the famous ones such as Adrian and Gillian Bayford who took home a record amount of €190 Million in August 2012, or Colin and Chris Weir, whose cashed in €185 Million in 2011.

  • The first British big win in EuroMillions happened in 2007, when a jackpot of £35 Million went to Angela Kelly, a 40-year-old former Royal Mail postal administrator.

  • The UK is home to two of EuroMillions jackpot records — the €190,000,000 prizes won in October 2019 and August 2012.

  • The UK is also home to one of the biggest EuroMillions lottery winning syndicate of all time – the Magnificent Seven, a group of seven Hewlett-Packard employees from Liverpool, who took home £45 Million back in 2010.

Millionaire Maker Raffle

The UK was the first EuroMillions participating country to add a raffle to the draws of the most popular lottery in Europe. The Millionaire Maker Raffle was launched in 2009, the first code being drawn on November 13 that year.

Two years later, the UK National Lottery decided to mark the holiday season with a special event called the Millionaire Month. A total of 50 millionaires were minted between November 25 and December 23, 2011, each one scooping an awesome £1 Million prize. In 2012, the same raffle had a special way of celebrating the Olympic Games in London, making 100 millionaires in one single night. This marked a new world record for the most millionaires made in one night.

On May 31, 2013, the £1 Million Every Month for a Year event took place. Instead of the prize being worth £1 Million, this draw offers one lucky player a prize of £12 Million, paid in twelve £1 Million monthly installments. In July the same year, another 100 Millionaires draw was held.

The year 2014 marked a name change, the raffle switching its name from Millionaire Raffle to Millionaire Maker, the possibility to add non-cash prizes being added. This is how the Mega Friday, currently known as the Mega Week was born.

The Mega Week Raffle

A special addition to the UK raffles, Mega Week is a special draw held in the last week of each month, on both Tuesday’s and Friday’s draws. The Mega Week adds various luxury non-cash prizes, which usually consist of exotic holidays, to the £1 Million prize delivered within the Millionaire Maker raffle on every draw. Whether it is a ski vacation in the French Alps, a beach holiday on a Caribbean island or a stylish city break, Mega Week is certainly spicing up the world of the EuroMillions raffles.

EuroMillions HotPicks

HotPicks is a supplementary game in the UK EuroMillions that takes place on both Tuesday and Friday draws. EuroMillions players can enter HotPicks to win prizes up to £1 Million. There are 5 play formats in HotPicks and each of them costs £1.50/line: Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5. Players can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers from 1 to 50 to enter the draw.

The 5 numbers in HotPicks are the main numbers in the EuroMillions, but the HotPicks prizes are separate from those in the EuroMillions. Players who choose Pick 1 must match 1 number from the 5 drawn EuroMillions numbers to win the HotPicks prize. Please note that players who enter Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, or Pick 5 must guess both, and respectively all 3, 4, or 5 numbers to win the HotPicks prizes. If you play Pick 3 in HotPicks, but only guess 2 numbers, you will not win any prize. In the table below, you can see the prize divisions in the EuroMillions HotPicks:

Game Match Odds of Winning Prize

Pick 1

1 number

1 in 10


Pick 2

2 numbers

1 in 123


Pick 3

3 numbers

1 in 1,960


Pick 4

4 numbers

1 in 46,060


Pick 5

5 numbers

1 in 2,118,760


Austria EuroMillions

EuroMillions fans from Austria can also purchase official tickets to the pan-european lottery offline as the Österreichische Lotterien is one of the organizing partners. The game is known as Euro Millionen in this country. The draw can be watched live on ORF2 and the winning numbers can be checked online soon after the draw. One important detail: in Austria, lottery winnings are not taxable, being paid out to the ticket owner without deductions. This rule apply to every Austrian lotto game, so you should try your luck by playing the Austria Lotto, as well. 

Top EuroMillions Jackpots Won in Austria

Jackpot Amount Winning Numbers Date


6, 9, 15, 25, 38

Lucky Stars 4 & 9

May 16, 2008


4, 7, 11, 34, 47

Lucky Stars 7 & 8

August 19, 2014


13, 17, 19, 25, 35

Lucky Stars 7 & 8

March 6, 2009


12, 18, 19, 43, 49

Lucky Stars 3 & 9

March 5, 2010


17, 25, 35, 39, 44

Lucky Stars 2 & 5

May 8, 2018


5, 14, 28, 30, 47

Lucky Stars 4 & 11

September 4, 2018

The Österreich Bonus Raffle

Added on July 13, 2018, the Österreich Bonus Raffle offers a €100,000 prize. There is one raffle prize for each Austria EuroMillions draw and it goes to the player who matches the winning code. As for the other raffles in the EuroMillions series, players are not required to match any of the winning numbers to win the Bonus raffle, which makes it yet another good reason to play EuroMillions with tickets purchased in Austria!

Fun Facts about EuroMillions Winners from Austria

Carinthia, the southernmost Austrian land is also the luckiest when it comes to EuroMillions winners. This is also where the highest EuroMillions jackpot won in Austria went.

Ireland EuroMillions

Ireland participates in the EuroMillions draws thanks to the UK National Lottery. Irish participants can watch the draw live on TGA. Besides the original EuroMillions game, Ireland offers a supplementary draw called EuroMillions Plus, which gives Irish fans of the pan-European lottery the chance to win more prizes with their EuroMillions numbers. When purchasing a EuroMillions ticket, Irish players can decide whether to play also EuroMillions Plus. During the draw, five numbers are randomly picked and prizes are awarded to players whose original EuroMillions numbers match 3 or more of the five EuroMillions Plus numbers drawn.

The Irish version of EuroMillions is very similar, in point of format, to the multi-national lottery, but it does not have the Lucky Stars. This makes the odds of winning a prize much higher. There are three prize tiers with a guaranteed top prize of €500,000 for those who match the 5 main numbers.

Top EuroMillions Jackpots Won in Ireland

Jackpot Amount Winning Numbers Date


1, 8, 18, 19, 39

Lucky Stars 7 & 9

February 19, 2019


3, 19, 26, 49, 50

Lucky Stars 4 & 5

July 29, 2005


4, 5, 13, 27, 35

Lucky Stars 1 & 2

June 25, 2013


1, 5, 7, 17, 23

Lucky Stars 3 & 8

Janyary 24, 2017


6, 8, 34, 38, 48

Lucky Stars 3 & 9

September 9, 2014


1, 5, 23, 29, 32

Lucky Stars 1 & 7

January 21, 2016


4, 8, 22, 23, 48

Lucky Stars 1 & 12

December 29, 2017

Fun Facts about EuroMillions Winners from Ireland

  • Ireland’s biggest EuroMillions winners are a family syndicate from Naul, a small town in North County Dublin. They collected their €175 Million jackpot the day after the draw, but they decided to remain anonymous. In spite of that, the entire town of Naul is in a frenzy about the huge win.

  • Ireland’s biggest EuroMillions winner is Dolores McNamara of Garryowen, Limerick, who pocketed a € 115 Million jackpot back in July 2005. She has worked hard all her life until the day she won the lottery, when she offered herself a luxurious villa. Dolores McNamara became a media star at that time as Ireland was very proud to be home to such an amazing win at the EuroMillions.

  • Another Irish EuroMillions winners the international media wrote a lot about is Margaret Loughrey, who scooped £27 Million in 2013. The 48-year-old unemployed woman decided to use her win to support various causes, and help create jobs for the local community. However, two years later, she was being convicted for having assaulted a taxi driver, ordered to complete 150 hours of community service, and to pay £559 as damages and a £200 compensation.

Loterias y Apuestas del Estado APK

Lotteries and free state bets, check Euromillions, primitive, bonoloto

Version 1.4.9 (48)
Updated Dec 03, 2019 (11 months ago)
Developer Recomendados
Category Apps, Tools
ID com.statickidz.loterias
Installs 50,000+

Con nuestras aplicación Loterias y apuestas del Estado es totalmente gratis donde podrás comprobar los resultados de Loterias y Apuestas del Estado de manera diaria y con un margen de 2 horas despues de cada sorteo de Loterias.Los sorteos de loterias y apuestas del estado y podrás comprobar son: Euromillones, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, La Quiniela, Loteria Nacional, El Gordo de la Primitiva, etc. También tenemos lector QR Euromillones en versión beta y pedimos vuestra colaboración para identificar cualquier problema que os encontréis en Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, recordad que podéis ayudarnos a mejorar y crecer valorando la app en la Play Store con el sistema de ★ y vuestros comentarios por si encontráis alguna mejora en Loterias.La app de Loterias tiene un apartado » Comprobar Sorteos» en el cual podrás comprobar todos los sorteos de Loterias y Apuestas del Estado desde la misma plataforma oficial siendo así 100% fiable todos los resultados de Loterias donde encontraras Euromillones, La Primitiva, Bonoloto, La Quiniela, Loteria Nacional, El Gordo de la Primitiva y todo el resto de sorteos. Algunas de las características de la aplicación Loterias y Apuestas del Estado son:► Seleccionar sorteo favorito como por ejemplo Loteria Nacional o Euromillones► Localizar por GPS establecimiento donde comprar decimos Loterias y Apuestas del Estado► Podrás visualizar los últimos 15 sorteos de tu apuesta desde la misma app de Loterias► Comprobar tu décimo desde la misma plataforma oficial gratis de Loterias y Apuestas del EstadoEuromillon Comprobar es un sorteo de Loterias y Apuestas del Estado a nivel Europeo el cual consta de 5 numero y 2 estrellas y los botes suelen ser bastantes altos el que mas de todas las loterias, a su vez también se sortea El Millón que pertenece a loterias y apuestas del estado pero este es a nivel de España del cual consta de una combinación de letras y numero por ejemplo ZDF41073, los otros sorteos como Primitiva resultados, Bonoloto, Loteria Nacional, El Gordo de la Primitiva, La Quiniela, Lototurf y Quintuple Plus solo son a nivel de España, todos estos sorteos quedan en una base de datos donde ahí quedan almacenados todos los resultados de Loterias.Nuestra aplicación Loterias y Apuestas del Estado NECESITA INTERNET y se recomienda usarla con conexión wifi aunque con otros tipos de conexión también funciona pero consumen datos.Loterias y Apuestas del Estado tiene varias opciones como la de buscar sorteos por fechas, solo tendrás que poner la fecha y te aparecerán todos los sorteos de ese día en concreto. También tiene una pestaña “mostrar notificaciones” que se encuentra en el menú de arriba donde esta » Loterias y Apuestas «que si la seleccionas te salda una notificación cuando un sorteo se celebre. Sorteo favorito es una opción con la que podrás marcar el sorteo que suelas jugar para así no tener perder el tiempo ya que te aparecerá la primera y la última opción es “Puntos de venta cercanos” esta opción activara el GPS de tu dispositiva para poder indicar donde se encuentra tu establecimiento más cercano de Loterias gratis.Todos los sorteos de Loterias y Apuestas del Estados son comprobadas desde la plataforma oficial de Loterias y apuestas del Estado o Selae

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